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yameKAGUYA Face Wash

yameKAGUYA Face Wash

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Five skincare products for your entire body

The yameKAGUYA series has five products. All of the products are formulated with Bamboo Bark Extract and enriched with a combination of carefully selected natural ingredients, each of which has been optimally blended. With series use, it will lead your whole body to immaculate and beautiful skin. All products are fragrance-free, colorant-free, paraben-free and silicone-free, and free of synthetic antioxidants (BHT).

  • Face Wash
    The elasticity of the foam will cleanse your skin while keeping the moisture.
  • Facial Essence
    Luxurious moisturizing ingredients are blended in this milky liquid serum that leads to firm and elastic skin.
  • Body Soap
    Plant-derived cleansing ingredients create a soft, dense lather for smooth skin.
  • Body Lotion
    This gel-like lotion melts on the skin and fills the entire body with moisture, leading to clear skin.
  • Face Lotion
    This lotion will deliver moisture deep into the stratum corneum. It keeps the skin healthy, feeling fresh and soft.

Contains a special “Bamboo Bark Extract” made from rare parts

The Bamboo Bark Extract included in the yameKAGUYA series is a skin brightening ingredient that is extracted through a unique method by scraping the very thin epidermis of the bamboo trunk, which only 300 grams can be extracted from a single bamboo tree.

We use pesticide-free bamboo

We use “Mousouchiku” from the bamboo forest grown without pesticides and cultivated in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which boasts the largest volume of bamboo shoots shipped in Japan. After the bark is collected, the bamboo is 100% recycled by crushing and processing and returned to the bamboo forest as a fertilizer.

Protects the skin’s natural moisture and leaves it refreshed and immaculate

yameKAGUYA’s Japanese Face Wash contains not only Bamboo Bark Extract, but also Citrus Sphaerocarpa Fruit Juice Extract, rich in organic acids that gently exfoliate excess skin cells, and Mekabu Extract, which conditions the skin’s surface and protects its moisture. The fine elasticity of the foam wraps up dirt and washes it away. After washing, the skin is left moist and clear.