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DERMED Premium Lotion

DERMED Premium Lotion

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Skincare for smoother and brighter skin

DERMED Premium Lotion

The lotion enhances the penetration of the active ingredients, hydrates mature skin and yet does not make skin sticky. It also maintains its moisture balance.

+ Anti-wrinkle and firming action

The series inhibits the activities of enzymes which degrade collagen and hyaluronic acid, repairs damaged dermis and wrinkles, and helps you restore skin firmness.

+ Age spots and melasma improvement

The series inhibits melanin production at four points in melanocyte and also promotes melanin excretion.

+ Moisturization

The series replenishes amino acid and hyaluronic acid, maintains moisture balance of your skin at healthy level and prevents drying













1. Take a large coin-sized amount of lotion in your hand and use the palm of your hand to smooth the lotion over your face.

Apply a large coin-sized amount of lotion and apply a small coin-sized layer.

2. If you are concerned about dullness or fine lines, apply a thin layer of lotion around the eyes for even better results.


After applying, take the lotion to the palm of your hand and apply the lotion once again, making sure it reaches the stratum corneum.

Watch a video on how to care with it.

Pick Up Ingredients

“HSP-like activity and moisturizing ingredient” Paeonia Lactiflora Extract

It works on the “inflammation” caused by UV rays which causes photo-aging. (moisturizer)

“Compound ingredient” Pur Blanc W*

It effectively prevents the production of melanin, which is the source of dark spots. Pur Blanc W: Ascorbyl Glucoside (vitamin C derivative, skin brightening ingredient), Barley Culture Extract (moisturizer), Licorice Flavonoid (moisturizer), Phellinus Linteus Extract (moisturizer)

“Skin-beautifying ingredient” ST Myrobalan*

It helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen in your skin and gives you firmness. *Terminalia Bellerica Fruit Extract (moisturizer)

“Highly moisturizing ingredient” Deep Moist Collagen*

It has a three-dimensional structure that allows it to blend well with the skin and has high moisturizing power. *Deep Moist Collagen: Water-soluble collagen liquid 4 (moisturizer)

“Moisturizing ingredient” Hyaluronic Acid

It traps moisture in the skin and makes it glistening.

"Moisturizing ingredient” Amino Acid (NMF)

It fills the stratum corneum with moisture and protects it from dryness.

+ I use milky lotion along with my treatment to avoid dryness. Is it enough just with the lotion and essence?

DERMED Premium Series is a serious “anti-aging solution”, developed based on the voices of our customers, saying that “I want beauty essence and milky lotion combined in one,” or “I want to save my daily skin care time.” Premium Essence promises smoother hydrated skin by gently approaching deep into the stratum corneum with its active ingredients.

+ Isn't it sticky on face?

Premium Essence has a milky light texture and stretches smoothly. Experience the smooth feeling and its moisturizing power simultaneously. Premium Essence not only saves your time but also makes your skin supple and plump.