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DERMED Lip Treatment

DERMED Lip Treatment

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Plumping and Glossing for Adult Lips This lip treatment is formulated with Serumvital*, an ingredient that supports beautiful skin, for lips that are prone to wrinkles and puffiness. It is moist and comfortable to use, and helps to prevent dullness and dryness, leading to plump and bright lips. It is one of the best Japanese lip balms. Serumvital: Rosemary extract (moisturizing)



1. Dispense the product into the end of the tube and apply directly to the lips to blend.

Recommended amout of use: size of a grain of rice


Carry it in your pouch or pocket so that you can apply it frequently when you are worried about your lips getting rough or dry, or after eating. It is effective if you embed it in the vertical lines of your lips.



[Firmness, elasticity, and beautiful skin ingredient] Serumvital*

Helps to maintain skin elasticity and resilience. Serumvital: Rosemary extract (moisturizing)

[Beautiful skin support ingredient] Glucosyl Hesperidin

Protects cell membranes and prevents dullness of the lips.

[Emollient ingredient] Shea Butter

Helps to soften the skin.

[Complex ingredients for beautiful skin] Green Tea and Coffee

Protects the skin’s elasticity by preventing wrinkles and sagging due to UV damage and aging. Green Tea and Coffee: Coffee Arabica(Coffee) Seed Extract (moisturizing), Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (moisturizing)

[Moisturizing ingredient] Evolved Hyaluronic Acid

Protects cell membrane and prevents dullness of lips.

[Moisturizing ingredient] Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate

Helps to prevent skin irritation.