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DERMED Hair Treatment

DERMED Hair Treatment

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Authentic hair care leading to beautifully thick, full, and shining hair

These shampoo and hair treatment are authentic hair-care products which nourish and repair the hair and provide shiny hair by the effect of hair-repairing ingredients “Sepiaprotein” and “Black Soybean Soy Milk Ferment Filtrate”.

The shampoo washes off excess sebum on the scalp and makes hair look thicker and fuller.

The treatment repairs hair weakened by accumulated damages and aging. It leaves hair silky and manageable.

Pick Up Hair-Repairing Ingredients


Supplies 18 amino acids which provide your hair with body and texture.

  • Proteins within the hair consist of 18 amino acids. These amino acids flow out if the hair gets damaged, causing the hair to lose its texture.
  • Squid ink extract contains all 18 amino acids. Sepiaprotein is developed by Sansho Pharmaceutical, extracting useful ingredients from squid ink.
  • Sepiaprotein supplies the hair with the same 18 amino acids as those within the hair, which enhances a hair-repairing effect.

Black Soybean Soy Milk Ferment Filtrate

Richly contained polyphenol coats proteins and repairs damaged hair

  • Comparing to popular fermented liquid of yellow soybeans, the one with black soybeans are rich in polyphenol and high in antioxidant effects.
  • Black soybean-derived polyohenol has the property of sticking to proteins. It repairs damaged hair to make it thicker and fuller
  • Black Soybean Soy Milk Ferment Filtrate also has a lipid inhibitory effect on sebum on the scalp, which keeps scalp and hair healthy clean and healthy.

How to Use

Hair Shampoo
  • After brushing your hair, soak it and lather up the shampoo on your head.
  • Wash your hair and massage your scalp gently, and then rinse your hair with lukewarm water
Hair Treatment
  • After shampooing, squeeze excess moisture from your hair. Apply the treatment to your hair and smoothen it.
  • Leave it for a while and rinse your hair with lukewarm water.