Overexposure to the sun, pollution, and even stress can all contribute to dark, dull, and pigmented skin. However, using chemical-based cosmetics for an extended period of time can harm your skin. Many girls wish for fair and flawless skin complexions, and there is no shortage of skin-lightening creams and lotions in the market. Our DERMED and yameKAGUYA products are made organically from natural ingredients like Bamboo Extract to give you moisturized skin.

We all want our skin to be healthy and moisturized skin. The method you use to lighten your skin tone is important so your skin look younger. Here are some easy ways to lighten your skin on your body:

  1. Get enough sleep: You must allow enough time for your body to rest in order to bring out the inner glow. While you sleep, your body increases blood flow to your skin, resulting in a healthy glow when you wake up. However, if you do not get enough sleep, your complexion can appear dull and increase dark circles.
  2. Drink enough water: Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. To keep your body hydrated, you should drink at least 8 ounces, or two liters, of water per day. It will flush out toxins and will improve the texture and appearance of your skin.
  3. Wear sunscreen even when indoors: You need to protect your skin from the harmful radiations of the sun when you step out from home and even when indoors as the rays can penetrate glass as well. Apply sunscreen lotion or spray generously all over your body and carry sunglasses
  4. Moisturize your skin : You should moisturize your skin twice a day with a daily moisturizer. Moisturizing your skin will help you get rid of dry skin and make it look more radiant. The hydration will immediately improve the appearance of your skin.
  5. Facial steam : This deep-cleansing technique will open your pores and remove all dirt. Instead of using plain water, boil lemon peels in water and then steam your face with the water. Do this for a few minutes before patting your face dry with a soft wet towel. Lemon’s vitamin C will improve the color of your skin.
  6. Use orange peel mask : You can brighten your skin by using an orange peel mask. Apply a paste of fresh orange peels and cold milk to your face and neck. Use this pack twice a week for naturally lighter skin.

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