DERMED’s best makeup remover ever

DERMED Balm Cleansing

This Japanese cleansing balm melts gently on skin, dissolves makeup and removes it thoroughly. It leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.

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Citrus Sphaerocarpa Fruit Juice Extract.

Rosa Rugosa Fruit Extract.

Scrubbing causes inflammation deep in the skin that leads to spots

Cleansing without rubbing is the first step to prevent inflammation deep in the skin

UV rays are not the only cause of spots. Inflammation deep in the skin which occurs by rubbing is also a cause. To prevent it, a makeup remover that thoroughly removes makeup without rubbing is a must.

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The amazing features of DERMED BALM CLEANSING

Smooth cleansing without stress on skin
DERMED BALM CLEANSING dissolves makeup thoroughly and the level of makeup removal is distinguished when compared to conventional products. It easily removes makeup, even lipstick and eye makeup.

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1. Use the included spatula to take the balm and put it on dry palms, then roll it with your fingers to dissolve it. When the balm melts and turns translucent, it is OK.

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The approximate amount to be used per time is the size of one cherry.

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2. Starting from the sticky T-zone, spread it out and gently blend it on the chin, cheeks, eyes and mouth. Don’t forget about the area around your nose.

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3. Once it melts away makeup around the eyes and mouth, spread it over your face gently and rinse with lukewarm water.

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Yes, it is good for removing point makeup. Gently apply Balm Cleansing to melt mascara or eyeliner and rinse it off. No scrubbing.

Like oil type ones, it quickly dissolves makeup away and removes impurities while at the same time, like the cream type, it keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized.


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