Kawane Matcha

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Gift Set

We want to create products that consumers can easily enjoy without having to buy any tools, and bring farmers and consumers closer together. This gift set was developed with this in mind. The gift set comes with a bottle of sticks and a recipe book to add a twist to…


Hojicha Stick

Powdered hojicha from Shizuoka Kawane. As soon as you open it, you will be greeted with the delicious aroma of roasted tea. You can enjoy it in lattes, sweets, or just dissolving it in hot water.


Matcha Stick

Matcha from Shizuoka Kawane. Stick type to enjoy the freshly ground aroma. Can be used for lattes, smoothies and sweets.


Snowball (With Match Stick)

This is a hands-on cookie where you enjoy sprinkling matcha on crispy snowballs. Matcha lovers can adjust the thickness of the matcha by themselves.


Tea Bag (Genmaicha Mixed With Matcha)

Genmaicha from Shizuoka Kawane. The tea is made with the familiar brown rice tea and matcha (powdered green tea) from Kawane. This tea can be enjoyed with meals.


Tea Bag (Hojicha)

Hojicha from Shizuoka Kawane. The fragrant smell from the roasting process has a relaxing effect and is recommended for a cup of tea in between busy work or before going to bed.


Tea Bag (Sencha)

Sencha from Shizuoka Kawane. The tea has a refreshing scent that comes from the mountains. By taking the time to brew the tea, you can enjoy a taste and aroma that cannot be experienced with PET bottles.